Ritva Man ... Le début

jack nicholson ritva man

This is the story of a knitwear brand from the 60s and 70s by the name of Ritva Man. A London brand created by Ritva, a Finnish model and painter and her husband Mike Ross an American who briefly attended the Royal College of Art. The concept was simple : inviting different artists of the London scene to create limited collections around a basic textile. This concept was appreciated by the very lively musical and theatrical circles of that time and the creations were found in a short time in a series music magazines. The originality of the project consisted in selling the creations with Plexiglas boxes to be hung when they were not worn. The idea behind it was to consider the new creation as a piece of art.

At Cusmoz we are not yet at the Plexiglass stage yet but the vision is clear: make art on daily products to allow a new way of expresion through associations between branded products and artists' creations.

cusmoz art association

Clothing is a strong communication and expression instrument. We wish to strengthen this function with another vector of expression that is art, by transforming basics into unique pieces.

There is a very rich artistic content on the internet but which remains less visible in everyday life. We want to help make it more visible by allowing the community of each artist to have a touch its creativity on wardrobe basics, to create pieces that will be worn by communities that understands them.

Collaborations between brands and artists have always had the wind in their sails. But we generally choose a brand that has collaborated with an artist. We want to make the artist the entry point to collaboration.


We work with artists from different backgrounds and disciplines


Different brands so that you keep your habits and add a touch of singularity to a quality that you already know

Des produits intemporels et durables

We choose basic quality products, sustainable and we want them to be part of your wardrobe for as long as possible. They are customized in France by our partner workshops labeled « Entreprise du patrimoine vivant», guarantee of excellent know-how and quality work.

We work in an ecosystem that places people and ecology at the center of its priorities. We are using:
- water-based inks for textile printing,
- products that respect the environment and working conditions,
- compostable and biodegradable packaging

We are working on pre-orders to reduce our costs.