Clément Thoby



Clément Thoby is a French illustrator who grew up in Nantes and lived in Paris before joining the animation film school in Angoulême, where he specialized in background design: a good way to mix illustration and animation. He has been working since 2015 on animation production.

He invites us with his hazy brush strokes in his peaceful landscapes softly composed. His empty and wild scenes devoid of characters have something of a beautifully cloudy dream.

Working handmade, he composes his pieces with wax pastels, pencil colors and rough textures, closer to impressionist painting than to illustration. Clément creates an idyllic backdrop, a mysterious, peaceful and timeless atmosphere that provides great serenity and makes us want to go there.

"I try to produce sensitive and soft drawings, something that can give you a break when you look at it"

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