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Enora Nicolas is a textile graphic designer and illustrator. Passionate about drawing, she wanted to make it her profession. After studies in applied arts and communication, she created her design studio Studio Dans Les Nuages, where she creates illustrated posters and postcards. Enora wishes to combine fashion and illustration to share her universe. 

She describes her art as something colorful with a touch of humor. Enora likes to play with the diversity of colors, textures and mediums. For her, drawing allows a great freedom of creation. 

"I wish to highlight the singularity of a hand drawing made with the simplest material, i.e. paper and pencil. In my opinion, these are means to access a great freedom of creation, reinterpretation and to develop our style, our universe. Digital is very useful, but it is important to go back to the sources". 

In her art, Enora wishes to represent the diversity whether it is human, animal, vegetable or mineral. She gives the desire to marvel at all these small and big things that surround us.

 "If I can offer a smile, a laugh through my work, it is for me the most beautiful of rewards."

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